Call for abstracts

We are happy to announce the upcoming workshop Outonomy: Fleshing out autonomy beyond the individual. The workshop will take place in Donostia – San Sebastián during three days on the 22, 23 and 24 June 2022

We strongly encourage researchers from the Outonomy project to participate. We welcome contributions from different fields, who engage with the study of autonomous systems and the concept of autonomy itself, and how their understanding can be challenged and/or enriched by including integrative, relational, collective and environmental processes that go beyond the individual and yet directly affect and constitute the self-governing capacities that autonomous systems can/must display. For further information, an overview of the project can be consulted here, where you can also download the full project document.

We welcome multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary contributions provided that the focus is on theoretical and/or philosophical aspects. We encourage contributions that bring such insights from disciplines ranging from biology to sociology, from epistemology to ethics or from cognitive and environmental sciences.

We particularly encourage contributions that develop a general overview of the field and problems being addressed, in a manner that is accessible to a multidisciplinary audience. Original contributions to the discussion are also welcome, either combined with the overview, or as independent “focus” papers. Contributions aimed at providing an overview or overview+focus will be considered for publication in a monograph or book that results from the workshop.

We invite researchers to submit their abstracts before the 15th January, outlining the key ideas of their proposed contribution to the workshop, in 250 to 450 words, and indicating the research line(s) of the Outonomy project under which their proposal best fit: Integration, inter-actions, extension and sustainability. More information about each research line can be found on the project page and document linked above.

Submissions already closed