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“Outonomy: fleshing out autonomy beyond the individual” is a research project lead by Leonardo Bich and Xabier E. Barandiaran with Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo, Jon Umerez and Arantza Etxeberria as members of the research team and a network of 24 research collaborators including PhD students, postdoc researchers and international researchers.The central hypothesis is that understanding autonomy in the context of contemporary scientific problems and social challenges requires to include integrative, relational, collective and environmental processes that go beyond the individual and yet directly affect and constitute the self-governing capacities it can display.

Latest News

  • Gaia and Philosophy
    International Symposium1-3 December, Donostia – San SebastiánBasque Country University (UPV/EHU)Organised by IAS-Research – Outonomy project →Registration form Program Updated 25/11/22 Thursday 1 December 16-18h IAS-Research TalkBruce Clarke: “Planetary intelligence: a Gaian critique” follow online: Biblioteka Carlos Santamaría, Room 4Pl. de Elhuyar, 2, Donostia – San Sebastián Friday 2 December 10h00 – 10h45  Bruce Clarke… Continue reading Gaia and Philosophy
  • Program announcement
    We are happy to finally share the program for the workshop! Check it out here.
  • Deadline Extension
    We have extended the deadline of the call for abstracts for the Outonomy workshop! You can now submit your abstracts through this form until the 15th of January, and find all the rest of the information here.
  • Call4Abstracts
    The call for abstracts for the workshop is now open until the 15th of december. You can read the call and fill the form to submit your proposal here.
  • Workshop dates: 22-24th June 2022
    Make room in your agendas and update your calendar. We will be hosting the Outonomy Workshop 22-24th of June 2022! We are now planning to open a call4abstract and invitation to guest speakers.